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Name:The Isocracy Network
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Isocracy, "equal rule", is the name for principles that embody the principles of self ownership and, by extension informed consent, natural resources as the source of public income, for the common good alone.

It is an extension of the classic idea of isonomia first proposed by Herodotus and Cleisthenes, which sought to abolish the difference between ruler and ruled. In that sense it promotes a sort of anarchy, not in the sense that there is no governance, but rather that there are no ruling class.

An isocracy avoids the common criticisms of democracy (e.g., tyranny of the majority) and demagogy by limiting public governance to the public sphere and private governance to the private sphere. An isocracy is a secular system of governance; there is no endorsement or interference in religious matters. An isocracy is republican; there is no hereditary provision of power. By extension, an isocracy does not engage in moral distinctions in law on the grounds of race, sex etc. All these principles are seen as universal rights, beyond temporal and spatial contexts, and to be established in as a constitutio libertatis.

An isocracy tends towards a federal network with a high degree of regional autonomy and in productive activity towards mutualism. From the free association of individuals and communities, common and particular interests can be distinguished.

The political and economic theories of an isocracy are fundamentally distinct from property and power relations enforced by the State as in institution of class rule, an isocracy advocates the general abolition of such armed forces (army, police) in favour of an inclusive civilian militia for public peace, defense and emergency services.

The social and political theory of isocracy combines the best elements of the modern traditions of liberal, socialist and anarchist thought.

"The Isocracy Network" is a group of like-minded individuals who support the core principles. It is not a political party and does not seek political office under its name. It does not have a centralised method of organisation, nor does it determine what particular policies are best suited for specific circumstances. Individuals themselves participate in the network to design practical public policy. Rather than an organisation, it is perhaps best considered a movement.
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